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Flowers and Fruit: Summer Cocktails are Here


Summer cocktails are simply more approachable for the average drinker. Light is the name of the game, fruity is often a feature, and flower flavors can tempt the palate and even inspire flower garnishes on occasion.

The cocktails for summer sipping are often whimsical by nature: serve them in a tiki mug, add a pineapple wedge, and by all means get out those little umbrellas and bendy straws. This is the time to go all out, and here’s a preview of cocktails from this month’s issue that might inspire you to do just that.

Yellow Bird
from Don Quarello of Waterworks, Tallahassee, FL

Shrub Cocktail
from Barman T. Leggett at The Roosevelt in Richmond, VA

The Secret South
from Barman T. Leggett at The Roosevelt in Richmond, VA

The Gene Kelly
from Rick Reeves at Siam Sushi, Tallahassee, FL