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Getting Pickled

Getting Pickled
Photos by Tim Hussey


We think pickles don’t get the credit they deserve. They are often relegated to a supporting role: as an afterthought during cocktail hour, in a small bowl passed around the table during Sunday supper, or casually layered in a sandwich for lunch. With their sharp taste and crisp texture, why are they not the star of the dish?

Perhaps it’s because the vinegar taste is so distinctive that it should be appreciated in moderation. Rather than thinking of the pickle as second tier, we should think of it as a different type of headliner; one that can be made at home with selective spices and a unique blend of flavors. Forget buying pickles at the grocery store. With so many easy recipes and tricks, pickles can truly shine when made at home.

Chef Kevin Johnson of The Grocery in Charleston, South Carolina shared with us a few tips for pickling at home. He first suggests you let cucumbers sit in a bowl with plenty of ice and water to draw out their water and make them crunchier and crispier much longer. He also suggests you turn the jars over after their final sealing to create a stronger vacuum leading to a fresher taste. For the rest of his tips and a whole host of pickling recipes, see the September issue, available now.

Pickled Radishes
from Kevin Johnson of The Grocery, Charleston, SC

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