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Three Things that You Should Order at The Macintosh Brunch


I have to admit that I am more of a breakfast woman than a brunch babe. I like to get my day started, and I like two cups of coffee with breakfast, as my mother says, “soon after I hit the floor.”

So it has to be really special to lure me away from this routine. But brunch can be that – meeting with friends, lingering over a morning cocktail or two – and suddenly that to do list I had in mind melts away on the breeze. Life’s short, right? So I make the brunch count, and that means Bacon. Chef Jeremiah Bacon, to be exact (whose name could not be any more perfect, right?), because The Macintosh is a comfortable spot to park for a while, full of beautiful brunchers, beautiful food, and beautiful beverages.  We know your menu decisions might be a little foggy after Saturday night, so here are the top three things to order, and after your Sunday nap, you can thank me:

  1. Gin and Spruce cocktail. Relax that grip on the Bloody Mary and branch out with this refreshing blend of gin and Aperol. The rosemary is a reviver, and I promise that it doesn’t taste like a pine tree, despite the fact that I like that sort of thing. It is a balanced, not-to-sweet concoction that will keep your stomach happy and put some rosy in those cheeks.
  2. Apple Walnut Cake. Prepare to want to share, even though it’s a starter. You’re going to want to claim as much of this dense, sweet cake that is the stuff dreams are made of. Secret tip: If the kitchen has any left, they take the cake and made bread pudding for a Monday dessert selection. Happy Monday!!
  3. Steak and Eggs. Unless you’re a vegetarian, let this be your entrée selection. Chef is also over the kitchen at Oak Steakhouse, so the beef is perfect, which moves beyond perfection when you sop a little of the chimichurri and the egg you ordered sunny side up (you did order that, didn’t you?) on the beef to create the perfect bite. I could have used more of the kale than was offered, but then again, I can always use more kale. And more steak. And more eggs. Is it Sunday yet?

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