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Wow Your Friends with Homemade Ricotta


Photo courtesy of The Clifton Inn
Photo courtesy of The Clifton Inn

Recently, over a “healthy” brunch of funnel cake and coffee, Chef Tucker Yoder of The Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia, casually started a conversation with “You know how easy it is to make homemade ricotta … ”

“Wait. No, I don’t,” I thought, and expressed as much, mentioning that I thought homemade cheese making involved specialty products ordered from the internet and a penchant for homesteading that—despite my capacity for jelly-making and general envy of other people’s urban chicken coops—I  just didn’t possess.

“What? It’s so easy,” he replied. “It’s really only three ingredients – I’ll send you the recipe when I get home.”

He’s right. It really is easy, and even if you make it into your own homemade gnocchi (as he suggests below), it is something that you can accomplish for any weekend dinner. Get ricotta-making and free yourself from the little plastic tubs! Note: Impressing your friends is a fun side effect, but you’ll find plenty of uses for cheese from your kitchen.

Ricotta Gnocchi
from Chef Tucker Yoder of The Clifton Inn, Charlottesville, Virginia


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