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Tory’s Berry Boozey Boat



Shaved ice

2 gallons sorbet

10 pints assorted berries
(blueberries, blackberries, cherries, strawberries… whatever you like)

1 12-pound seedless watermelon

1 bottle limoncello 

1 bottle spiced rum 


  1. Being very careful, carve out most of the watermelon’s meat (we like to use it later for watermelon sangria—waste not, want not!).
  2. Place melon on large platter and pack hollowed-out bottom with shaved ice, then line with foil.
  3. Pack in sorbet, then cover top with berries, cascading them down to platter for a pretty presentation.
  4. Serve immediately with bottles of limoncello and rum in an ice bucket on the side.