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5 Essentials for Making
Spoleto Worthy Pasta

Photo By Christina Oxford
Photo By Christina Oxford

The Spoleto performing arts festival in Charleston, South Carolina is now in its 39th year. For 17 days Charleston is enveloped in live opera, theater; dance; and chamber, symphonic, choral and jazz music. Charleston is the sister city of Spoleto, Italy and the festival offers Charlestonians an opportunity to embrace all things Umbrian, including the cuisine. Whether you want to celebrate Spoleto or just want to make a great dish of pasta, we have a few essentials to aid in bringing the dishes of Italy to your kitchen.

Photo by Jonathan Boncek
Pasta Roller

Pasta from a box can be so ho-hum but homemade pasta will change how you cook forever. And it is easier than you might think and well worth the effort. Put your rolling pin away and opt for a pasta machine instead. Attachments are available for different shapes of pasta.

Freshly grated parmigiano cheese lends a salty finish to any dish and makes the green shaker of grated cheese obsolete.

Wind and Willow Dipped Spoons
Wind & Willow Dipped Spoons

A wooden spoon is essential for cooking. Wind & Willow dipped spoons are an updated version of your trusty standby; the dipped handles on these handcrafted wooden spoons render them more durable, more comfortable, and pretty stylish too.

Banner Butter began churning butter in 2014, and this small batch creamery makes cultured butter that is so delicious, it is all you will need to top your pasta. Well that and the fresh grated cheese.

Le Creuset Pot
Le Creuset’s 9-quart Stock Pot

A big pot of boiling water is a must for cooking the perfect dish of pasta. The bigger the pot the better because longer pastas are easier to submerge in a bigger pot, the pasta is less likely to stick together. All of the starch is washed off from the surface of the pasta, and a larger pot is able to return to a boil faster, which helps it cook faster. Le Creuset’s 9-quart stock pot with the colander insert gives pasta plenty of space to move and makes moving the pasta from the pot to the serving dish much easier.

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