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5 O’Clock Somewhere Friday: The Seminole Club

5 O’Clock Somewhere Friday: The Seminole Club
Photos by Dennis Ho

The Seminole Club has a long history in Jacksonville, Florida. Once a gentlemen’s social club, famous politicos from Teddy Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy stopped in to rub elbows while on the campaign trail. However, those days faded into the city’s memory as the building stood empty for years.

Last year, Candy Apple Café & Cocktails opened in the old Seminole Club building, and Marlon Hall, beverage director for the new restaurant, decided to pay homage to the building’s past.

“The Seminole Club was a gentlemen’s social club, and there were no ladies allowed,” says Hall. “I thought it would be fun to base this cocktail on a drink called the White Lady. It’s my way to pay homage to the fact that it was a men’s club—with a twist.”

Hall took the basic elements of a classic White Lady cocktail (gin, Cointreau, lemon juice, and egg white) and put his own spin on it. By swapping fresh orange juice for the Cointreau and adding spiced rum and aromatic bitters, he toned down the bracing nature of the gin in the original without sacrificing the silky-smooth texture that drew him to the original cocktail.

“The Seminole Club building has been completely reimagined and turned on its head; it was fun to make a cocktail that has been turned on its head, too,” says Hall.

The Seminole Club
from Beverage Director Marlon Hall of Candy Apple Café & Cocktails, Jacksonville, FL

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