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8 Barbecue Sauces You Have to Try

8 Barbecue Sauces You Have to Try
BBQ Beef Short Ribs with Harissa Sauce / Photo by Sara Hanna

Living in the South means getting serious about your barbecue sauce. For instance, if you live in Alabama, chances are you pledge your allegiance to the mayonnaise-based white sauce. Texans love dry rubs, North Carolina pitmasters favor vinegar-based sauces, and South Carolinians swear by their mustard-based sauces. Whichever ends up on your pork or brisket, you know that a good sauce can make or break a barbecue. So, don’t opt for a store bought version, make your own. Throughout the years, The Local Palate has collected barbecue recipes from chefs and pitmasters that pack heat with crushed red pepper and harissa, sweetness with Coca Cola and Sorghum, and added depth with gooseberries and espresso. Choose one that tickles your fancy and who knows, you just might find a new barbecue sauce to pledge allegiance to.

Find your new
favorite barbecue sauce

Eastern Hot Vinegar Barbecue Sauce
Gooseberry BBQ Sauce
Sorghum Mustard Glaze
Espresso BBQ Sauce
Coca Cola Barbecue Sauce
Muddy Pond Sorghum BBQ Sauce
Alabama White BBQ Sauce
Harissa Sauce
Char Siu Sauce


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