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A Duvall Catering Demo with the Lee Brothers


Blog Post June 2013  
Photos courtesy of Duvall Catering

There’s nothing like a little sibling collaboration, and in the case of Charleston cookbook darlings Matt and Ted Lee, their combined powers in the kitchen have led to great things: creative heights, a diverse repertoire, and an undeniably entertaining cooking demonstration. At least that was our first thought walking away from The Lee Brothers’ Charleston Kitchen cooking recently at Duvall Catering in North Charleston. Okay, maybe it was our second thought. Our first thoughts were all about food.

The brothers had developed a thoughtful three course meal incorporating as much of what the local Charleston landscape had to offer as possible, all prepared with humor and zest in Duvall Catering’s pristine showroom, and then subsequently devoured with genuine relish. The afternoon began with Cumquat Sparklers made with cumquat infused gin and sparkling wine, served alongside an appetizer plate of pickled grapes, cheese straws, fennel garnished shrimp, bite-size biscuits, and root vegetable dippers to go with a pimiento cheese dip recipe procured from the descendants of Henry’s Restaurant founder’s (the old, now closed Henry’s restaurant at 54 N. Market Street).

The snacks were much appreciated as we watched Matt and Ted whip up delectables like a Parchment-wrapped Tile Fish and an irresistible Huguenot torte (with much-debated origins) served with fresh strawberries, all consumed alongside the charming presence of Matt and Ted, who shared stories about their dishes, Charleston cooking, and, of course, one another, including their most recent inspired dishes (for Ted, a pork shoulder wrapped in collard greens, for Matt, an opportune haul of fresh blue crabs). When asked about the possibility of a Lee Brothers restaurant in the future, the brothers admitted to fantasies, but acknowledged the enormous investment of time and work required, ceding that Duval may just offer the best of both worlds.

Until then, we’ll satisfy ourselves with the Lee brothers catered events, which we expect to see many of, and their popular cookbooks, which I’m hoping will enlighten me as to the exact preparation of one particularly unforgettable Huguenot Torte.

The Lee Brothers’ Charleston Kitchen Menu


Charleston Cheese Straws, Savory Benne Wafers, Pickled Shrimp in Fennel and Grapes, Henry’s Cheese Spread


Golden Tile and Parchment, Chainey Briar and Radishes, Pimento Cheese Gratin


Hugenot Torte with Strawberries


Cumquat Sparkler, Sparkling Wine and Gin

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