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A Feast for the Fireworks

A Feast for the Fireworks
Written by Erin Byers Murray | Photos by Danielle Atkins

Light your grill for Butchertown Hall’s Fourth of July Spread

You see it as soon as you walk in the doorto Nashville’s Butchertown Hall: an Argentine-style wood-fired grill that pumps out the beckoning aroma of fire-licked meats. There’s a smoker too, built into the building, which adds to the aromatic overload. Though that grill is far fancier than what you’ll find at the average Independence Day cookout, the Germantown restaurant’s wood-fired tradition delivers inspiration for our national holiday. Chef Sheldon Lukow, who has been manning the Texas-style barbecue menu at Butchertown since last September, says the Fourth is all about easy-going grilling. “The idea is to load up the grill, to give a lot of visual elements,” he says. “So beyond just grilling the food, you’re giving everyone an experience.” His menu calls for dishes that cook quickly—ten minutes tops—so that you can pack the grill, serve your onlookers, then do it again. “That’s the whole thing, right? You’re talking to people, hanging around, drinking beers, and every ten minutes, you can send out another wave of food.” And don’t forget the beer—Butchertown is known for its outstanding selection, which Lukow uses frequently in dishes, like his Borracho Beans. It’ll give your group something to rally around, and a tasty way to pass the time as you countdown to the fireworks.

Pork Asada

Smoked Hummus

Borracho Beans

Grilled Street Corn

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