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A Post-Holiday Pick-up from Posana Café

After the holidays we can all feel, well, a bit sluggish. If grandma’s green bean casserole and honey ham leftovers didn’t have you swaddled in your Snuggie and snoring through the entire Christmas break, then you probably still had enough energy come New Years to celebrate with a cocktail or two too many. Now that the holiday confetti has settled, that leaves us to pick up the pieces of what was once a fairly stable, well-rounded diet.

For inspiration on a clean start, we looked to Chef Peter Pollay, of Posana Café in Asheville, NC. Chef Pollay, who has worked with renowned chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, is no stranger to delicious, indulgent cuisine – just ask anyone who has tried Posana’s lobster mac and cheese with homemade ricotta gnocchi. But Pollay’s experience in food has also led him to appreciate the power of a clean diet that minimizes processed foods.

Kale salad Posana
Photo courtesy of Posana Café

When Pollay decided to move to Asheville, NC from Los Angeles and open a restaurant, he decided he wanted to share with the community the benefits that he and his family had discovered when his wife was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and they began to cook gluten-free: increased energy and alertness and less of that post-holiday-style feeling of lethargy.

One of Posana’s most popular items on the menu is its kale salad with toasted pumpkin seeds, currants, lemon, Three Graces Dairy manchego-style cheese and Theros olive oil. It’s light, savory, and, according to Pollay, serves as a kind of a gateway raw kale experience that has produced a surprising number of kale converts.

We’re betting a few bowls is just the thing to get you back in your own good grace—at least until next year.

Kale Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Currants and Manchego Cheese
from Chef Peter Pollay, of Posana Café in Asheville, NC

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