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A Recipe for Solving Texas’ Wild Boar Problem

A Recipe for Solving Texas’ Wild Boar Problem
Photo by Aimee Wenske

It’s been dubbed the “aporkalypse” and the “plague of pigs.” The state of Texas is experiencing a massive overload in the wild boar population. Wild boars are roaming around, wreaking havoc throughout farmland, cities, and urban communities.

The menacing animals are known as “optimistic omnivores,” which means they will indiscriminatly eat anything. They migrate through farmlands, destroying crops and everything in sight. They eat food meant for livestock, as well as sometimes the livestock itself. The wild boars erode rivers and streams, leaving a mark wherever they go. They have traveled through national parks and destroyed trails and wild life, and caused a mess for patrol to clean up. And not much can slow them down. Not only do boars eat everything, they can also live in almost any climate. They reproduce so quickly that it is hard for the state to keep them under control, especially since they face no major predators. Texas has tried many different options to reduce the wild boar population, such as eliminating hunting bans and employing traps with wireless surveillance technology, but it still hasn’t made enough of a difference.

In the meantime, if you do happen to catch one of these critters, we have a recipe for changing a pesky problem into a tasty solution. Chef Tim Love, from The Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth, Texas, cooks up wild boar BBQ ribs that will make you think twice about cheering for the pig’s demise. Chef Love uses classic Western ingredients in his cooking, and they shine through in this delicious recipe.

Wild Boar Ribs
From Chef Tim Love of Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth, Texas

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