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A Success Story for a Nouveau Pickler

Photo courtesy of Fire & Flavor
Text by Brooks Brunson / Photo courtesy of Fire & Flavor

Okay I’ll admit it. Until last week, I had never pickled anything in my life. Growing up, my grandma always spoiled me with her sweet pickles made from cucumbers that my grandpa skillfully grew. Though I still always manage to pick up some of their delectable veggies whenever I’m in town, I unfortunately no longer have constant access to the pickles.

Sure, I could always make my own pickles, but that seemed like a very daunting task—my grandma spent a lot of time on her special recipe. However, a few weeks ago The Local Palate received a package of Fire & Flavor’s Pickling Seasoning. After picking up some cucumbers and peppers from my grandpa’s summer garden, I thought this would be a great opportunity to give pickling a try.

The pickling process could not have been faster, easier, or more delicious; Fire & Flavor makes it incredibly simple for us pickle newbies.  The little square packets have instructions right on the flaps—all you need is the vegetable, jars, and vinegar. (Some of the flavors call for garlic, onion, or sugar as well for added taste.) Chop your vegetable, place it in a jar, mix the seasoning with vinegar on the stove, pour into the jar, and let it work its magic. You can choose to between  “Shelf Stable Pickles” or “Quick Pickles,” which are extremely simple to make, but should be eaten within 10 days. I chose the latter option, and enjoyed my pickles just a few hours after making the mixture.

For my cucumbers, I tried the Sweet Bread & Butter flavor. At first the taste is shocking and poignant, but then the sweetness sets in to create the perfect pickle. (Yes, these were on par with my grandma’s special recipe.)

For my peppers, I used the “All Rounder” flavor, which can be used to pickle any vegetable. Honestly, these were the best pickled peppers I have ever tasted. They were spicy and tangy, yet not overwhelming—I couldn’t get myself away from the jar.


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