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A Summer Sour: Park Cafe’s Apricot Sour

Apricots, a member of the stone fruit family along with plums and peaches, were first discovered in ancient times in Armenia, though China and India also lay claim to them as a native fruit. No matter who took the first bite of one, the apricot’s sweet, delicate flesh has made devotees around the globe.

That allure did not escape Xan McLaughlin, co-owner of The Park Café in Charleston, South Carolina.

“I grew up loving apricots, thanks to my mom. Once on a family vacation not too long ago, my mom asked me to create a drink for her with an apricot base. She’s also a fan of Malbecs, and I have always liked a red wine float to dry out a sweet cocktail so I played around with the ingredients until, voila, the apricot sour was created. I introduced it to the Park Cafe menu about a year ago and it’s been one of our best-selling drinks ever since. It’s also one of the best looking cocktails on the list.”

Apricot Sour
from Xan McLaughlin of The Park Café, Charleston, SC

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