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A Survival Bite That
Begins with Potato Chips

A Survival Bite That <br> Begins with Potato Chips
Photo by Evan Sung

You probably have potato chips of some kind in your house. I don’t have potato chips in my house because I will devour them all in a matter of hours. I know they are usually processed, packaged, and definitely not the best choice for me, but a potato chip is an attractive thing.

Thus it is utterly satisfying when a chef gives me a real reason to purchase them, and not just any chef. A James Beard-nominated chef.

At the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival last week, Chef Katie Button, of Cúrate in Asheville, NC, demonstrated a recipe with the following premise: People are on their way over to your house, or they are already visiting. You need to feed them from your pantry. You probably have potato chips (unless you are me).

Her solution? A very quick and easy home version of her restaurant recipe that uses fresh sliced potatoes, lightly fried. I just need to work on keeping the chips long enough to make this for my friends. Ignore my greasy fingertips for now and try this at home. Wow your friends while I’m working on my willpower.

Easy Tortilla Espanola
from Chef Katie Button, Cúrate, Asheville, NC

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