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Add Some Green to Your Plate

Add Some Green to Your Plate
Text by Executive Chef + Pitmaster Taylor Garrigan / Photo by Callie Crawford

Editor’s Note: We know that the two Lowcountry locations of Home Team BBQ might be well known for their smoked wings, barbecue, and frozen drinks, but they can make a mean veg as well. Chef Garrigan takes his inspiration from the market to the restaurant.

This recipe is a base that can be used to create a wide variety of protein and vegetable combinations. For this, you will pickle the bottoms of spring onions, and reserve the tops for chimichurri.  The oil from the chimichurri and the vinegar from the pickles will act as the dressing for the spring salad. (Here at the restaurant, we love using ingredients that serve more than one purpose in a dish.)

The first step is to go to a farmers market or a grocery store with good veggies and greens—local arugula, watercress, etc.  Don’t be afraid to use the tops of veggies such as radish tops or beet tops or pea shoots. In other words, if you find some wonderful radishes, then retain the greens to mix into your salad.

The next step is choosing a protein if you would like to use one. We recommend a slow-smoked piece of beef brisket or chicken. A quick grilled piece of flank or skirt steak will work great as well.

Spring Onion and Chimichurri Salad
from Chef/Pitmaster Taylor Garrigan of Home Team BBQ, Charleston, SC

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