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An Affordable and Tasty Summer Sip for Summer in the South

An Affordable and Tasty Summer Sip for Summer in the South
Photo by Alice Wannamaker

We’re in the dog days of summer. The wisteria that I cheered when it first bloomed in spring is now my sparring partner as it tries to take over its neighbors. Can it get any more humid? is a common question, and let’s not even talk about how this season impacts your pets or that “waterproof” mascara you bought online. You might find yourself feeling in need of a beverage on a patio or porch.

Slightly effervescent, crisp and full of green flavors, txakoli (cha-koh-lee) or txakolina, depending on the label, is the white wine for late summer sipping. This wine from Spain is a little lower in alcohol than most wines, so you can sip through a Saturday afternoon without feeling too fuzzy.

If sipping turns to noshing, then this is the wine for you as well. It’s acidity pairs with salty foods (such as a cheese and cracker plate from your kitchen), peel-and-eat shrimp (don’t forget newspaper and lots of paper towels for the table) and really about anything you feel like eating this time of year.

Affordable and available all throughout the South, txakolina is also a great go-to for a summer party, so we encourage experimenting with pairings. You might find that it makes trimming that wisteria for the 82nd time a little more agreeable as well.

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