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An Argument for Chaat

An Argument for Chaat
Photo by Kieran Wagener

In this month’s “Amuse,” we chat with Mel Oza, the gregarious owner and somm of Curry Craft in Richmond, Virginia. Although you will have to pick up a copy of our print/digital edition (why not subscribe?) to read the interview, we wanted to provide you a little “taste” of the experience that is Curry Craft.

Thus, may we present the Juhu Beach Style “Chaat” for your consideration.

Chaat is an Indian snack food, and as such, has many variations. Curry Craft’s version is comprised of puffed rice, potatoes, green chili, red onions, chutneys, and chaat spices. Savory, crunchy, and oh-so-hot, it’s the a fun way to get people talking at the beginning of the meal, especially if those two people are Editor in Chief Maggie White and Richmond Chef Lee Gregory. It’s probably best if you heard it directly from them.

Maggie: “We ordered the chaat immediately when we arrived at Curry Craft in RVA because local Chef Lee Gregory suggested it to us with an expression befitting someone who had just met his firstborn or just heard he’d been nominated for a Pulitzer. His stunned elation was spot on: it was unlike anything I have ever eaten. The layering of flavor and texture was entirely bonkers.”

Lee: “I can’t help it. I get excited about food (that’s why I’m a chef). The textures are incredible. It’s a mix of black chickpeas, puffed rice, vermicelli, and spices. Clean, bright, and unexpected.”

Thus concludes our compelling argument for why you need to order this dish. We hope that you are convinced. As for us, we’re just getting another order of chaat while you decide.


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