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Whole roasted lamb on a board, garnished with thyme and sage

Whole Roasted Lamb

Try not to feel intimidated by cooking with fire. With practice, it will grow on you. Use your senses as guidance for this whole roasted lamb.


Sienna Punch

You will make your own hibiscus tea and turmeric honey for this. Both must be at room temperature before assembling the punch, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Mug of tamarind toddy from Ilda in Sylva, NC

Tamarind Toddy

This tamarind toddy from Antoine Hodges at Ilda in Sylva, North Carolina, serves a crowd. Keep this recipe handy for winter gatherings.

Candy roaster squash cavatelli from Ilda in North Carolina

Candy Roaster Squash Cavatelli

Cook the squash low and slow in the embers and ashes of a fire before shaping it into cavatelli and serving it with tomato confit and pecorino

A plate of charred beets over goat cheese with honey, from Ilda

Charred Beets with Goat Cheese and Honey

The secret to these charred beets is to not peel the torched skin, but rather, let it be the star. Alternatively, you can also oven-roast them


Smoked Castelvetrano Olives

Smoking castelvetrano olives over a fire relaxes the flavors and makes them a mild, warming snack or martini garnish.


Gnoccho Frito with Country Ham

This ham and gnoccho frito is a sincerely special recipe that never goes out of style at Ilda because of its warm and crowd-pleasing ingredients.

Creamy polenta with eggplant caponata from Ilda

Creamy Polenta with Eggplant Caponata

This creamy polenta with eggplant caponata uses cocoa powder that makes it a little spicy, a little salty, and a little sweet.

The Biltmore at night, decorated for Christmas, one of the holiday destinations in the South
In the Field

Holiday Destinations Around the South

From dazzling Christmas settings to casual getaways beside a roaring fire, these 9 holiday destinations will make your days merry and bright. 

Mural for the City of Covington

Discover Covington, Georgia’s, Hollywood History

Discover Covington, Georgia, a backdrop to numerous films, including Cannonball Run, My Cousin Vinny, and Remember the Titans.