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Barbecue Joint Celebrates Five Years

Barbecue Joint Celebrates Five Years
Photos by Alice Wannamaker

By Alexandra Proie

alicewannamaker_11 (1 of 1)

Surrounded by the business area government contractors in the area near Park Circle in North Charleston,  (self-proclaimed mad man and wackadoo) Scott Cloud noticed a gap in manly cuisine.

“Around here there are lots of dudes who like barbeque – they like to eat meat,” he reasoned.

So he started The Barbeque Joint as a catering company in the Navy base galley kitchen and turned it into “guerilla style” catering in home kitchens and car ports, but now they have found a more solid home (for the past 5 years) in an old Chinese restaurant – something you’d never know from looking around the place. Yellow walls, perhaps inspired by mustard based BBQ, are lined with pig trinkets, and a sheet metal wall showcases pig-themed coloring pages of younger visitors.

The constant menu of sides compliments a weekly rotation of barbeque favorites, including ribs, brisket, fried chicken and catfish. Their mac and cheese is made with a roux, using pork fat from the smoked pork butt to give it a unique smoky flavor. And pork butts seem to be a favorite secret ingredient as the drippings are also used in their collard greens with smoked sausage and onions. Cloud’s recipes have been tweaked from his grandfather – a Louisiana barbeque award-winner of years ago. He also learned his secrets from the Brennan family in New Orleans, with whom he worked in the past, so his recipes have a hint of Louisiana love as well. His right hand woman Seanna Cookus is in the kitchen as well. After five strong years in North Charleston, BBQ Joint is looking forward to many more.

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