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But Which Water to Use?

But Which Water to Use?
Photo by Andrew Cebulka and Lindsey A. Miller


By Brooks Brunson

Ever thought about the different flavors of water? No, not the fruit-infused bottles sold at your local corner store. We’re talking actual water—the real stuff and the fundamental ingredient to life and our existence. With an ever-evolving world, there are now many types of water out there. So which is the best? In the heat of summer, we’re making lots of cocktails, iced teas, and other ice-y drinks to beat the heat. So what is the best form of water to use?

Distilled Water

Distilled water removes impurities, such as the controversial fluoride, through the process of distillation. Most advocates of distilled water will contest that this is the only water anyone should drink; they say that without contaminates like fluoride, distilled water makes you body function better and supports a longer healthier life. However, without as many naturally occurring minerals, distilled water is often not as flavorful as some of the other types.

Spring Water

Spring water is always a good choice when making drinks. It’s natural and has many minerals gathered from its ground source. Typically, spring water is regarded as the tastiest of the waters, particularly when making teas and cocktails. We like Mountain Valley Spring Water out of Arkansas, especially because it comes from the South.

Filtered Water

Filtered water is great because it transforms your ‘toxic’ tap water into tasty, healthier water. It doesn’t have the good minerals of some spring waters, but it’s a great option instead of splurging on bottles that are harmful to the environment. According to Culligan, a popular supplier of filtered water, “water filtration is water that has gone through filters to reduce the amount of iron, hydrogen sulfide, aesthetic chlorine taste and odor as well as microorganisms, such as cryptosporidium and giardia.” And they believe that their water makes extremely flavorful coffee and drinks.

Tap Water

We all are aware that tap water has the least desirable taste-wise of the water options. And with this one, our taste buds are leading us the right way, as it is certainly the least nutritious as well. However, we’re aware that it must be used sometimes for convenience and financial reasons. The NRDC states that, “in the short term, if you are an adult with no special health conditions, and you are not pregnant, then you can drink most cities’ tap water without having to worry…. [But] in the long term, we all have reason to be concerned about pollution in tap water.” In conclusion, always check with your local water system to get details on your water’s quality, and use it as little as possible. And never use hot water when cooking; if you need hot water, take cold water from the tap and heat it up on the stove.

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