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Chicken Soup Vodka is Your Secret Ingredient

Photo by Christina Oxford

Looking to make a Bloody Mary with a special signature flavor of its very own? Interested in dressing some beautiful Southern oysters with a splash of spirits and a dollop of horseradish? Then let me introduce you to your new favorite secret ingredient: Chicken Soup Vodka.

Go ahead – ask “What?!”Every time I’ve mentioned this infusion I tried at Pearlz Oyster Bar in the Avondale neighborhood of Charleston, SC, I’ve heard incredulous replies.  For you vegetarians, it is in fact, chicken-free, but it seems to nevertheless conjure images of broth-y, meaty liquids that are essentially soup in a shot glass.

In reality, Chicken Soup Vodka is an aromatic herbal infusion that adds a satisfying, dare I say umami quality to a Bloody Mary and simply dressed oysters. For you vegetarians it is also, in fact, chicken free. Rob Laudicina, operating partner of Pearlz, is the man responsible, and he adapted the recipe from the now-closed Red Square Restaurant in the Tropicana Casino and Resort in New Jersey.

Although Pearlz has multiple locations, only the Avondale bar stocks this spirit, and they were kind enough to share the recipe. Bottoms up.

Chicken Soup Vodka
from Rob Laudicina, Pearlz Oyster Bar, Charleston, SC

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