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Christmas Recipes on Our Team Members’ Tables

By: The Local Palate

Families all arounds setting their tables for the holiday feast and planning delicacies to eat over the upcoming days. There is nothing like food to bring people together during special occasions or gatherings. Food is the binding agent for the merry connections made over the holiday season, and a delicious recipe is what can make that those moments special. Since the Local Palate is focused on food and our team is constantly enveloped in discourse on what we’re cooking ourselves, it only makes sense that during the holidays, we look back on what recipes made this year special. Here, you can get a look at what’s coming out of the kitchens and onto our tables during these merriest and brightest days.

The Local Palate Team’s Christmas Kitchen

Shannon Lee | Biscoff

Biscoff Swirl Cheesecake

“I’m excited to follow along with Shannon Lee’s video to make her Biscoff swirl cheesecake. The flavors, rich caramel color, and portion-size options are all perfect for Christmas! And if I fail at the execution or am too successful and don’t want to share, I’ll have Colt’s Chocolate white chocolate pecan pie as back-up!”

Amanda Fitzgerald, director of sales and marketing

Pumpkin Chess Pie Recipe

Pumpkin Chess Pie

“Anyone who knows me, knows I love to bake, so this year, I am trying out a pumpkin chess pie recipe from chef Vivek Surti. Can’t wait to test the recipe.”

Angelique DeClercq, art director

The blood orange margarita served at Mex 1 in Charleston

Winter Margaritas

“I am going to be making Christmas/Winter Margaritas for those cozy Christmas sweater parties.”

Brian LePorte, advertising sales executive

Slice of cherry cheesecake topped with saltine crumble and cherry compote

Cheesecake with Boozy Cherries

“For Christmas this year, I’ll be trying my hand at a Basque version cherry cheesecake and using Jack Rudy’s bourbon cocktail cherries to add a little spirit. I also plan on packing a charcuterie board with Sweetgrass Dairy cheeses, Pine Street Market meats, and other various accouterments from our Marketplace vendors.”

Chris Dugas, e-commerce engagement manager

fondue feat

Gruyère and Cider Fondue

“In the days between Christmas and New Year’s, my family has a tradition of doing a fondue night—this year I’ll be using Sheri Castle’s gruyère and cider fondue recipe to level up our spread.   Another tradition is Christmas morning bloodies. Instead of my usual method of winging it, I’m going to follow Scott Clime’s Creole Mary, down to the pepper-infused vodka.”

Courtney Ormon, sales and marketing specialist

Christmas french toast on a platter

Cakes & Ale French Toast

“I’m going to be making Cakes & Ale french toast and subbing eggnog for sweetened condensed milk and Not Your Grandmother’s Hot Chocolate with the addition of Jack Rudy’s Cocktail Cherries (I might eat a few right out of the jar, too).”

Emily Havener, managing editor

Allie's Potato Rolls

Allie’s Potato Rolls

“Rolls are on the table during all of our holiday meals—this year, along with our standing rib roast, I’m going with Allie’s potato rolls, with plans to use any leftovers to make an epic sandwich the next day.”

Erin Murray, editor-in-chief

Christmas cookies and cakes

Super Ginger Molasses Cookies

“I’m the Christmas cookie queen in my family, so last year, I had to try TLP-reader favorite super ginger molasses cookies. The soft, tender, and wonderfully spiced cookies were a smash hit among friends and family, so I’m definitely making them again this year. The best part is that the recipe yields A LOT of dough, so there’ll be plenty to gift to friends and pack into tins as hostess gifts for holiday parties over the following week.”

Hannah Lee Leidy, digital editor

Croquembouche feat


“I’m feeling ambitious this year, so I’ll be tackling my first-ever croquembouche thanks to chef Jackie Joseph’s step-by-step guide. Oh, and I’ll have an espresso martini in hand while I cook, of course—it is Christmas, after all.”

Laurel Bryant, digital marketing manager

A Celtic Christmas Spread

“My family tradition is to escape the holiday havoc by celebrating in a new country every year. This season, we’ll be in Ireland toasting to a Celtic Christmas. I’m expecting classics like shepherd’s pieroast pheasant, a distinctly European yule log, and plenty of Irish coffees.”

Maggie Ward, events and marketing manager

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