Culinary Boot Camp with Chicken Pot Pie

My daughter Lucy has really gotten into cooking. My husband (who is also a chef) and I talk about holding a culinary boot camp for her and some of her friends to teach them more about food and cooking.

At the moment, one of her favorite things to cook is chicken pot pie. It is perfect because as she prepares it she is learning about mirepoix (the onion, celery and carrots), a roux (the combination of the flour and butter used to thicken the chicken stock) and a veloute (the chicken stock thickened with the roux). We then top the pot pie with biscuits. Learning how to make a really good biscuit should be on every Southerner’s to-do list, and Chef Kevin Gillespie’s biscuits are among the best.

Play around with the flavoring and chose whatever sounds best. Sometimes we have a salt and pepper night but add a teaspoon of curry or a tablespoon of pesto, whatever strikes your fancy.

Lucy’s Chicken Pot Pie
from Chef Christina Oxford of TLP Kitchen, Charleston, SC

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