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Dining Out with our Amuse Chef

Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock
Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock


The Amuse chef for our latest issue, Chef Steven Greene of An Cuisines, recently treated The Local Palate to a divine meal specifically tailored to our individual tastes. Chef Greene created a “Petit Four” menu for each of our diners, Jennifer and Carl Hitchcock, using his sophisticated Asian-inspired style to delight the unique palates of each.

Jennifer’s menu consisted of Heirloom Tomato Salad, a Sea & Land plate of scallop and pork belly, Miso Sea Bass, and Tea Rubbed Duck. Greene’s signature Asian touch was present throughout the menu, surfacing in the Asian lettuce of the Heirloom Salad, the ginger and lotus root accenting the Miso Sea Bass, and the Hoison-Cherry Jus accompanying the Tea-Rubbed Duck. These delightful plates were followed by a sweet touch of Blueberry Financier featuring caramel popcorn, candied Ginger, and corn ice cream.

For Carl, the four-dish menu called for Ahi Tuna, Thai Wings, Red Snapper, and Kobe Beef. Between the tataki served with the Ahi Tuna, the ginger and lime juice adorning the Thai Wings, and the Shao Xing accenting the Kobe Beef, these dishes were infused with Southeast Asian flavors as well. The meal ended on a sweet note with a Peach Tart served with pistachio, crème fraiche, and strawberry champagne sorbet.

Photo by Andrew Cebulka
Photo by Andrew Cebulka

Chef Greene took our diners’ thirsts into consideration as well, pairing each petit plate with a beverage that would both compliment the dish and satisfy the Hitchcocks’ tastes. Each of Jennifer’s plates was paired with fine wines, including a 2009 Riesling by F. Windisch Nierstiener and a Bodega LAN Crianza Rioja 2006. Greene selected beer to accompany Carl’s dishes, including both imported and domestic varieties from his menu.

Through these artfully crafted “petit four” menus, Greene revealed his ability to not only create a menu that harmonizes with itself, but also to tailor his culinary talents specifically to the tastes of those he is serving. We were lucky to dine with a chef whose abilities are both far-reaching, crossing culinary boundaries with his Asian-infused dishes, and personal, suiting the unique needs of the individual palate.


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