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Don’t Buy It, Make It

Eggnog<br> Don’t Buy It, Make It

Is there a beverage more connected with Christmas than Egg Nog? This frothy concoction is one of the decadent treats of the holiday season, but rather than picking up a carton of nog at the store this year, try making a homemade batch.

Egg Nog is essentially a custard, similar to a vanilla sauce or ice cream base, made by thickening a mixture of milk and cream with a liaison of egg yolks. This base is then chilled, a meringue is folded in, then the last and most important ingredient, the booze, is added. Traditional Egg Nog is topped with a dash of nutmeg, but Chef Sean Fowler of Mandolin in Raleigh, North Carolina gives his version a North African vibe by incorporating a bit of lemon zest and a Moroccan spice blend into the base for an unexpected but delicious twist.

Moroccan Spiced Eggnog with Black Currants
From Chef Sean Fowler of Mandolin in Raleigh, North Carolina

In the Mood for More Nog?
Two Tempting Eggnog Recipes to Try

Nonnie’s Nog

Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock
Nonnie's Nog from Brooks Reitz of Charleston, South Carolina. Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock.

The Local Palate Eggnog

Photo by Hélène Dujardin
Eggnog from TLP's Test Kitchen. Photo by Hélène Dujardin.