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Duck Sausage and Grits for A Crowd

Duck Sausage and Grits for A Crowd
Photo by Bonnie Dickerson

Editor’s Note: Some of you want to try making sausage at home. Maybe some of you would also like to have a lot of people over for breakfast. In that case, Chef Matthew Kajdan suggests making a mess of grits and duck sausage to get everyone to the table. The chef plates his sausage and grits with muscadine jus, sautéed kale, and duck cracklins, so you can get as fancy or stay as basic as you’d like. We think adding some biscuits and jelly and maybe some spiced apples on the side sounds good too.

Our duck sausage at Parlor Market is a multi-step process. It starts with breaking down ducks, grinding meat, and making sausage. We then have to smoke the meat and let it rest for a few hours and chill.

The second step of the process is making the grits. We use Delta Grind Grits out of Water Valley, Mississippi. The classic grit cooking ratio is a 4:1 wet to dry. We start by heating a gallon of Beason Family Farms whole milk in a large sauce pot. We add hot sauce, salt and pepper as well (to taste). You have to bring the liquid to slight boil before you add the four cups of grits, you also have to continuously whisk the grits to keep them from sticking. As they thicken, cut the heat down gradually. By the time the grits have thickened all the way, your heat should be off. You will then add a pound of butter and a cup of cream to give them that extra flavor and richness. That’s right. No skimping on that stuff when it comes to grits.

Parlor Market Duck Sausage
from Chef Matthew Kajdan of Parlor Market, Jackson, MS

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