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Editors’ Picks: Southern Steakhouses

I tend to lean more towards fish and chicken than red meat. When I was growing up, one of my first jobs was on a farm, and one winter a mother cow abandoned her blind, late calf out in the snow. We brought it into the horse stable, named it Lucky, and bottle-fed it into maturity—thus I acquired an everlasting sense of guilt every time I consume beef. But being in the business of eating food, over time this has translated into eating meat more responsibly, with a concern for the quality of the meat I’m consuming, where it is sourced from, and how it has been raised.

But, every once in a while I get a bit of a meat-tooth. I see red: juicy, tender, salt & peppered, medium-rare, red. I love a good summertime steak, such as a classic cut of tenderloin, rib eye, or hanger steak, with just a hint of butteriness, a touch of béarnaise, a side of potatoes, green beans—the works.

It turns out I’m not alone. I asked around and it seems that every once in a while we all get a meat-tooth (or at least everyone here at TLP). What we did not agree on, was the best place to satisfy such a craving. Everyone has that one memory of that one especially tender morsel that they simply can’t seem to forget, that steak that was utter perfection. A few rounds of debate later, we’d come up with our team’s favorite picks for steakhouses throughout the South:

<figure class=""small" "left""><figcaption>"Photo</figcaption></figure>
Photo Courtesy of the Old Edward's Inn

Our Director of Digital Content, Stephanie Burt, prefers Underbelly in Houston or the Capital Grill at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, while Editor in Chief Maggie White touts the virtues of Block & Grinder in Charlotte. Managing Editor Allston McCrady can’t stop reminiscing over a meal at Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina. Our publisher, Joe Spector, who admittedly eats quite a bit of steak, is keen on Bern’s in Tampa and Kevin Rathbun Steak in Atlanta.

As for me, I recently had a divine custom cut filet mignon at Seagar’s in Sandestin, Florida, but where do I head closer to home? To Charleston’s own Oak Steakhouse, always satisfying.

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