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Essentially More Than Chocolate

Photo by Gayla D’Gaia
Sacred Beauty Chocolates / Photo by Gayla D’Gaia

Is the dark chocolate bitter? The pineapple-mango sweet? The melt-in-your-mouth ganache stirred from coconut milk rather than cream?

Well, yes. But there’s also the essential oils. Healing. Good enough to eat. They bring a burst of flavor that rockets these handmade, vegan, organic, no-sugar truffles into a whole other orbit of confections.

“Wow,” says a customer at a recent tasting, eyes wide after taking his first bite. “What are these? Wow.”

Gayla D’Gaia gets that a lot. Artist, poet and clean eater with backgrounds in fine dining and wellness, D’Gaia happened upon her unusual recipe—fair trade, organic cacao; fresh, often locally-sourced fruit and nuts, coconut and doTERRA essential oils—this fall, after she went searching for healthful chocolate and found little. She began creating and cooking, testing and tempering. She whipped up a new business in the process.

“Everything just lined up,” she says, tucking a wisp of blonde behind her dangling gemstone earring. “You know when the universe just says yes?”

Now Sacred Beauty Chocolate is selling online and at stores and events in Southwest and Northern Virginia. Collections are always changing. Today D’Gaia is offering boxes of chocolates featuring flavors like lemon and strawberry dust, blueberry jam and lavender, ginger and white grapefruit. For Valentine’s Day, one line featured live, edible flowers. A new raw, vegan, gluten-free torte is in the works, as well.

“These chocolates, they’re actually a sensory journey,” she explains. “When you eat one, I think it opens you up and you feel transported.”

Indeed. Her truffles can take me away any day.

Photo by Gayla D’Gaia  
Truffles topped with edible flowers / Photo by Gayla D’Gaia