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Photo courtesy of Euphoria Greenville

This time last week, Euphoria was in full swing. This annual four-day celebration of food and music in Greenville, S.C. was definitely dizzying, and The Local Palate was proud to be a media sponsor, which meant that we were there for all the heady eating, drinking, listening, and socializing.

Here are three tastes from last weekend that made us Swoon with Euphoria

  • Sam Jones’ Barbecue / The BBQ maestro from NC’s Skylight Inn brought his smoker and his style during Thursday night’s Swine and Dine. We knew his food was amazing, but something about his hand chopped ‘cue (with crunchy bits of the skin worked in!) under the starry Greenville stars made it taste even better. Add music, beer, and some cocktails crafted by The Roost and … can we have another helping?
  • The Goat’s Milk Cajeta from Chef David Guas / It came at the end of an already amazing guest chef dinner at The Lazy Goat. David revealed that it took 18 hours to cook. It was served with crepes and an orange cream. It was almost as if the room paused in silence for a moment as everyone savored that first, creamy, caramel-ly bite. And then everyone around us was exclaiming, “Oh my, I am so full, but I can’t stop eating this!” We agreed.
  • Jazz brunch winner from Greenville Health Systems / It was the lightest pickled shrimp, served amongst a sea of bacon, biscuits, and other heavy fare. Perfectly prepared with a little Asian flare, we had two plates. We not saying we want you to have to go to the hospital, but if you have to, maybe Greenville is the place to go? Just sayin.’

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