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Father’s Day Recipes to Impress

This Father’s Day weekend, fire up the grill and celebrate Dad with some of these recipes made for getting outdoors.

Pick up a twelve-pack of dad’s favorite and save two for these beer-brined pork chops. Topped with a smoky, tangy blackberry vinaigrette, they’re sure to impress.

For a low-and-slow approach, Paula Disbrowe—Texas grilling maven and author of two cookbooks on the subject—has a perfect primer to get you started. Read up on tips for picking the right wood for the job and check out her Hot Luck tri-tip: It turns an inexpensive cut of meat into a showstopper meal with an Asian-inspired marinade and less than 30 minutes on the grill.

Another easy way to dress up a steak: chimichurri. The punchy blend of herbs and acid brightens up a hearty cut of meat like ribeye. For extra garden-fresh oomph, serve alongside grilled bread topped with fresh tomatoes and basil.

The perfect smoky ribs can be a challenge to nail, but with tips like spritzing them with apple juice every so often to form that sought-after savory bark, we’re confident you can handle it. They’re best when left alone, which leaves plenty of time for snacking. We recommend smoked trout dip on fancy saltines—because a little butter and Old Bay makes everything better.

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