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Feel the Ferm:
Reigniting Our Love for Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are experiencing a cultural revival, and when you consider that pickles, beer, wine, yogurt, sourdough bread, and sauerkraut are members of the fermented food family, it is easy to understand why. Fermenting and pickling were originally used as a way to preserve food before the time of refrigeration, and a way to preserve bumper crops of produce. Fermented foods are still prepared as a way to preserve food, but also for the immunity boost from the probiotics that fermented foods supply.

Hex Ferments in Baltimore, Maryland specializes in all things fermented. They create unique and delicious kraut, kimchi and kombucha; living foods, teeming with enzymes and probiotics, sourced from local organic farms. Hex Ferments co-owners Meaghan and Shane Carpenter offer an array of fermented foods in their shop in addition to fermenting supplies and monthly classes. Meaghan explains her love for all things fermented.

“We love the complex flavors fermentation creates, the health benefits (both individual and for our community as a whole), while supporting our local foodshed and the farmers that grow all of this for us.  It’s like being at the center of a multi-spoked wheel that is the revival of traditional foods (and food systems)! Our personal connection draws us back to our upbringings in the Mid-West, both of our families grew, preserved and hunted for food.”

Want to give fermenting a try? Meaghan and Shane shared their recipe for Local Winter Kraut that is a probiotic-packed, crunchy, flavorful alternative to the soggy, pasteurized store-bought version.

Local Winter Kraut
From Meaghan and Shane Carpenter of Hex Ferments in Baltimore, Maryland

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