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Finally, a Phenomenal Curry on Grocer’s Shelves!

Finally, a Phenomenal Curry on Grocer’s Shelves!
Photo by Andrew Cebulka

I am a self-proclaimed curry lover. The taste of curry is so intense and vibrant that it can make all other types of cuisine seem hum drum. My one caveat about curries in general is that I love to eat them in restaurants only. I have tried countless times to make curry dishes at home but curries have so many ingredients and are so varied from country to country that they are tricky to make and to make right. More than once, I have toiled over a pot of curry and, while the smell might be driving me wild, when it came to eating the dish, it was so spicy that it was almost inedible. Who would have thought that a great alternative to restaurant curry would come out of Charleston, South Carolina? Well, my friend, that is precisely what has happened—thanks to Lavanya Sabin.

Lavanya left India as a small child but her family has been devoted over the years to maintaining the rich culinary traditions of their homeland. Now we can all benefit from their commitment because she has taken their tried and true family recipes and bottled them to make them readily accessible to all of us. The flavors of fresh ginger, garlic, onions, cilantro, turmeric, and cumin (just to name a few!) are conveniently and easily transported to your table. Simply simmer some chicken and/or vegetables in the sauce and that is it… your curry is done. Bon appetit or as they say in Hindi, एपीटिट बॉन.

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