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Five Hot Drinks for Chilly Mornings

By: Hannah Lee Leidy

The darker morning hours and falling temperatures make crawling out of our warm beds a less-than-ideal way to greet the day. A morning brew of fresh-roasted coffee or small-batch tea blend provides a cuppa worth getting up for, and the Local Palate’s sister shop, the Local Palate Marketplace is here to help.

Whether you’re an early bird or a late riser, a dark morning feels much more palatable with a hot drink in hand. And making it at home beats out anything you’ll pick up on your way to the office—both in terms of quality, convenience, and price. Wrap your chilled fingers around a cup of artisan-crafted coffee or tea, and let it ready you for whatever the morning holds.

Few things entice us out of bed in the mornings more than a cup of coffee that brims with decadence. This S’mores Coffee from Oliver Pluff and Co. channels rich flavors of chocolate, graham, and wood smoke into a steamy brew that tastes like an indulgent way to start the day—no syrup shots or espresso machine required.

Coffee meets cocktail hour with this Bourbon Aged Coffee from Bourbon Barrel Foods. The flame-roasted beans get aged in a retired bourbon barrel, giving the finished product notes of deep chocolate, caramel, and bourbon. The alcohol-free drink gives a nod to Kentucky’s bourbon artistry—but don’t count on nodding off after enjoying this hot drink.

If you need a little less caffeine to get moving in the morning or considering a second cup, reach for this half-caff brew. Roasted in Floyd, Virginia, the Night Owl from Red Rooster Coffee brims with flavors of baking spices, dark chocolate, and earthy notes. Mornings aside, it makes a wonderful hot drink to help you power through the midday slump or to sip alongside dessert after dinner.


For those who know their assam from earl grey, a sampler set of Colonial-era teas will entice tea aficionados out of bed on blustery dreary mornings. The Teas of the Boston Tea Party Collection includes varieties of green and black tea leaves from China that colonists consumed (or destroyed) during the eighteenth century. Add a splash of cream and dash of Southern honey to a cup to balance out the blend. Each vial of tea comes with a side of history, for a perky and enlightened start to the day.

Not one for caffeine at all? Respect. Nevertheless, you can still revel in the joy of cupping your hands around a steamy mug on a chilly day with this Passionfruit Peach Tea. While marketed for cold brewing, steeping the leaves in hot water yields the same taste of ripe Southern peaches and sweet passionfruit to spark memories of warmer, sunnier days.

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