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Flipping for the Farmhouse Velvet

Photo courtesy of 4th & Swift
Photo courtesy of 4th & Swift

We feature flips in print in this month’s BevRAGE, and one recipe was not enough since it is a beverage made for holiday toasting. Thus, we asked Chris Gianaras of 4th & Swift in Atlanta to whip one up (whip, get it?) for us. There was only one problem—he didn’t have a name for it.

However, the mixologist had his inspiration down: “I wanted to create a drink that could stand on its own as a dessert without being cloyingly sweet. A flip is a very old fashioned type of drink that requires a whole egg. The use of the aromatic bitters provides a pleasing bitterness that balances out the sweetness of the other components. The Nux Alpina adds a nutty layer of fall spice, and the egg gives the drink body as well as silky texture,” he explained.

For a name, we turned to the power of social media and asked Facebook fans to help Chris out with a name. The winner was “Farmhouse Velvet” from Jody Kaufman of Atlanta, Georgia.

“The egg, the cream, cranberry-sage syrup and even the Nux Alpina seem like farm house ingredients. The velvet comes from the creamy consistency,” Jody explains.

So here it is—get ready to flip.

Farmhouse Velvet 
from Chris Gianaras of 4th & Swift, Atlanta, GA

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