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Four Questions with Chef Graham Dailey

Graham Dailey  

We caught up with Graham Dailey, Executive Chef of Peninsula Grill, for a quick Q&A touching on everything from working in New York to what apron he uses when he travels.

TLP: Do you cook at home?
GD: Yes, all the time… It’s like an addiction. I look forward to those days when I can actually cook because I just love it. It’s kind of like my workshop, it’s where I can test things… Right now I’ve really been playing with zero gluten, no dairy.

TLP: You worked for Chef Anthony Bourdain in New York, was that challenging?
GD: No, you know, it wasn’t because I didn’t know any better! That was my first real cooking job in a real kitchen. I moved to Manhattan and it was like, okay here you go, and I was a little dumbfounded. I mean these guys were wild. It was a wild, wild ride… Anthony and I used to go sit and have drinks at this place, I called it “the Regal Beagle,” it was this cheesy seventies like Southern California laid-back bar … and we’d go there after work and have drinks and talk about the most bizarre things.

TLP: We’ve heard that you use the Blunt Roll Apron, what do you like about it?
GD: The Blunt Roll is kind of a personalized thing, I love the look of it, I love the idea of it, I love the pockets on it and its built to last. I use it most when I’m traveling, going to do a cooking demonstration or something, and you can just roll everything that you want up in there, towels and knives, and be done with it. And they look damn sharp, too…

TLP: What would you say is a food that is trending right now?
GD: I think Southern food is always trending, I really do… It’s always been popular but now you are seeing more and more chefs being recognized nationally and people are coming down here more. It’s becoming a travel destination to come down and experience the food, which is awesome. Charleston’s a beautiful city and you’ve got great beaches, you’ve got great people, you’ve got the Hunley and all these great museums, and you’ve got the Battery, but I would bet you 90% of the people come here to eat.

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