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D.C. Gelateria Features Fall Flavors

D.C. Gelateria Features Fall Flavors
By Tommy Warner / Photo by Jonathan Boncek

Gelateria should be Italian for “a place to get delicious and healthier frozen treats.” Dolcezza, a gelateria whose motto is “play with your food,” is scooping out a niche in artisanal gelato for the Washington D.C. area. They use farm produce, not artificial syrups, to flavor their gelato, which has half the fat and calories of regular ice cream (in case you ever need another reason to eat gelato).

The Georgetown-based store released four new flavors perfectly themed for Thanksgiving, so even though it’s not ice cream season, these seasonally-inspired flavors feel just right. Their spread includes classic fall flavors, usually incorporated into your holiday pies, like pumpkin, maple syrup and sweet potato. For extra crunch, the sweet potato flavor includes chunks of pecan pralines. Delightfully, Dolcezza’s ingredients are Southern-sourced, the maple syrup comes from S&S Maple Camp in Maryland and the Covington sweet potatoes come from Unionville, Virginia. For those of us though with a less of a sweet and more of a fruity tooth, two of their new sorbets, pomegranate and clementine, are dairy-free counterpoints to the denser gelato options.

This winter, the only place this gelato can marvelously melt is in your mouth, so stop by Dolcezza soon and take home the taste of fall.

Maple Syrup Gelato
from Dolcezza Gelato + Coffee of Washington, DC

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