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Get a Taste of Virginia with That Foggy Feeling Fizz

Photo courtesy of Rappahanock
That Foggy Feeling Fizz

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Rappahanock is, of course, oysters. This is fitting considering the Rappahanock Oyster Company began in the 1890’s and played a role in resurrecting oyster production in the Chesapeake Bay, which in the 1990’s faced utter collapse due to decades of overfishing. Today, the Chesapeake Bay is the largest producer of oysters on the east coast.

In 2011, with their oyster farm thriving, the Rappahanock Oyster Company turned to restaurants. They opened their first restaurant named Rappahanock in Richmond, Virginia as a venue for bringing together local producers who share the same passion for their industry and Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Ciders is one of those producers. She began Foggy Ridge in Dugspur, Virginia in 1997 and is a proud “cider purist.” She uses real cider apples, like Hewe’s Crab and Tremlett’s Bitter, not any of the pick-off-the-tree-and-eat varieties, and refuses to add extra juices or hops to dilute the flavor.

If you need proof of the brilliance of this union, mix up a batch of That Foggy Feeling Fizz. The cider provides both bubbles and body to the cocktail, its rich fruity notes highlighted by the maple syrup. A bit acidity from lemon juice adds balance to complete this Virginia beauty.

That Foggy Feeling Fizz
From Jason Laugh of Rappahannock in Richmond, Virginia