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Give the Gift of Gin

Give the Gift of Gin
Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock / By Chris Chamberlain edited for the web by Sydni Hebert


Looking for a unique beverage gift to give to your fellow foodie? Look no further than Corsair Distillery. It all began when childhood friends Darek Bell and Andrew Webber began home-brewing beer and wine in the Bells’ garage. They hit a snag while working on a prototype bio-diesel plant, causing Andrew to remark that making whiskey would be much more satisfying. The idea stuck, and the two found themselves studying distilleries and spirits. Soon after, Corsair Distillery was founded and the rest is history.

What was once a mere off-the-cusp remark is now an artisan distillery located in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Nashville specializing in “hand crafted small batch ultra premium booze for badasses.” They produce regular releases of other, more mainstream, products like Gin-Head Style Gin, Vanilla Bean Vodka, Red Absinthe, Spiced Rum, and Wry Moon Unaged Rye Whiskey. They also take advantage of their small-batch stills to create experimental and seasonal concoctions like the much-loved autumn offering of Pumpkin Spice Moonshine. These products have made Corsair a favorite among the more enlightened members of the mixologist community, as well as among consumers who enjoy complex craft spirits.

“hand crafted small batch ultra premium booze for badasses.”

If you’re not the adventurous type, and can’t bring yourself to try (or make someone else try) their deliciously odd flavors like Triple Smoke Malt Whiskey, TLP suggests you opt for Corsair’s gin. Corsair Artisan Gin is made in very small batches using a hand-hammered gin-head pot still. This uncommon step makes their gin crisp and excitingly smooth at the finish. They proudly use an unusual mix of traditional botanicals, all sustainably harvested, to give their gin a unique and refreshing character. This gin is so good it has even won awards! In 2009 it was the gold medal winner of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Due to shipping restrictions, you may have to visit to secure your bottle of gin, but so do quickly as this makes the perfect hostess gift. Pair this with a bottle of specialty tonic (we like Jack Rudy Tonic) and you’ll be the hit of the holiday party in no time.

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