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Granita: Our Secret Weapon Against the Dog Days of Summer

Photo by Christina Oxford


The hot, hazy days of summer are here. Chances are you are going to need a refuge from the heat, and a serving of granita is just what you need. Granita is a frozen dessert akin to sorbet, but the best part of granita is that no fancy equipment is needed to make this chilly concoction.

Making granita is simple. Dissolve some sugar in water, add some puréed fruit, pour it into a shallow metal pan and place it in the freezer. As the mixture freezes, it has to be scraped every 30 minutes for 3 to 4 hours until it is completely frozen. Scraping the mixture produces ice shavings that will take the edge off a hot, summer day. A granita will have larger ice crystals than a sorbet, but they are similar and they are both delicious.

We decided to make the whole process of making a granita even easier by using Southern born Fat and Juicy margarita mix rather than puréed fruit. Charlestonians Joe Good and John Glenn created this mix using key limes, oranges and tamarind, a combo that makes for a great granita. This recipe is the perfect treat to serve after a hot day at the beach, at a cook out or really any hot time at all. Ole!

Fat and Juicy Margarita Granita