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Grilling My Way to Perfect Pizza

My husband and I go through phases of culinary dreams, such as remodeling our kitchen or buying a new set of knives (swoon). One persistent culinary dream stands out, however—building a pizza oven in our backyard.

Photo courtesy of BakerStone

The internet is full of blogs that discuss building a pizza oven, illustrating the process of building the oven complete with bags of cement and cinder blocks, culminating with beautiful photos of the completed oven with fabulous pizza parties. The ovens seem amazing and the pizzas photographed look like a slice of Naples come to your own backyard.

The problem with building your own oven, and the reason that building one has remained a dream, is that it takes months to build. We have three children, and time for cinder block craft projects is delegated elsewhere. So we were excited when my husband was gifted a BakerStone, a pizza oven that works with a gas grill by simply sitting on top of the grill grate.

In order to produce a Neopolitan-style pizza crust (with the crunchy and chewy texture of my dreams), the pizza needs to bake in a 800°-850° oven. Residential ovens max out at around 500°, so they produce a crust that is more like a cracker. We used the BakerStone, and it was able to reach 800°, cooked the pizza evenly and, when allowed to preheat properly, cooks the pizza in 4 minutes. Score.

And yes, we have even thrown our own fabulous pizza party.

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