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It’s Ladies Night,
and the Grilling’s Right

Photo courtesy of Burwells
Text by Tommy Werner / Photo courtesy of Burwell's Stone Fire Grill

This one goes out to all the ladies in the (steak)house. For those of you who enjoy the occasional steak but don’t like the overtly macho and “meaty” atmosphere of a steakhouse, Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill is just what you’ve been waiting for. With next Thursday’s grand opening, they’re saying that there doesn’t have to be bravado with beef.

Charleston has in its restaurants the staples of service and hospitality as well as classic Southern cuisine but every so often there’s a newcomer that bucks the traditional ideas of what a it means to be a part of the culinary scene in this city. Burwell’s is moving in an original direction. We might not be sure that “lady-themed steakhouse” means, but we are definitely excited to find out.

Innovation and high concepts aside, Burwell’s grand opening marks what’s going to be swanky dining for both Charleston men and women. Back in March, the proprietors gutted what used to be Gilligan’s, replacing fish murals with modern art, and wood booths with sleek tables. After a summer of peeling walls down to the original cypress wood and installing furniture, they’re finally ready to open a vibrant place that echoes the past. Also to be part of this new restaurant is a VIP wine lounge and an outdoor patio for events, meaning there’s more to Burwell’s than meeting the meat.

Chef Eric Huff got his ideas of conceptual dining from a run at Tristan and is no stranger to performing with food. He was recently featured on Lowcountry Live and had a Charleston Iron Chef Competition with stars from Poogan’s Porch and Graze. His food caters to both genders: he will be grilling up trimmed beef cuts (on a 700-degree stone) alongside a sleek collection of chilled cocktails, from martinis to 50/50 Vespers.

They plan on opening their doors quietly next Thursday night, starting what they hope is an engaging place for the steak-loving ladies (and their gents).

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