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It’s Sammie Time

By Kristina Held
Photos by Andrew Cebulka and Courtesy of Butcher & Bee

Almost every day in high school I ate a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with American cheese and mustard. I am obviously a culinary wizard.

Photo By Andrew Cebulka

While my leanings towards cheese have blessedly matured (not too much, though, I still love boxed macaroni and cheese), I am still a sandwich girl at heart. I eat a sandwich for lunch nearly every day. They are economical and easy to assemble at home, making them great for transportation to work. Even when I go out for lunch a sandwich almost always gets ordered. When I’m feeling like I should be checking off my “ought-tos” I will grab a salad, but those days are few and far because I just love my sandwich too much.

Below I have rounded up a few restaurants with sandwiches that look like they need to be in my life. There are a few I have tasted and a few I am dreaming of, but they are all winners in my book.

Butcher and Bee Charleston, South Carolina

Photo By Andrew Cebulka

One of my absolute favorite spots in Charleston, Butcher and Bee makes the best sandwiches, hands down. The first time I had their ham and pimento cheese with honey sammie I nearly lost. my. mind. Locals also rave about their pulled squash and pork belly sandwiches. See you there with BYOB in hand.


Cochon Butcher New Orleans, Louisiana
This sandwich bar, butcher shop, and wine bar has quickly become the place for charcuterie and small plates. But Cochon Butcher is also slinging one of the city’s best landmark sandwiches: the Muffaletta. Several types of meat on hardy bread with provolone cheese? I thought you’d never ask.

Saw’s BBQ Birmingham, Alabama
Having been born and raised in Kansas City, I know barbeque. Coming to the South was a bit of a shock hearing everyone from Memphis to Birmingham contest that they had the best barbeque in the country. Now, I’ll indulge y’all for a bit, but trust me, Kansas City has the best BBQ. Saw’s may be known for their white sauce, but I’m telling you, their original pulled pork sandwich is something else. It may even make me a Southern barbeque convert. (Psych!)

The Dutch Miami, Florida
Though the Albacore Tuna Kuroyaki sandwich with yuzu and tomato sounds like the proverbial bomb, it’s the little oyster sandwiches featured on the dinner menu that I’m after at The Dutch. Having never been to Miami before I think it’s about time I make the trip way south to check out these sliders. Giant Wellfleet oysters simply fried in cornmeal sit atop iceberg lettuce and pickled okra mayonnaise. Let’s get a beer with that one as well.

Toast Durham, North Carolina
This joint is a sandwich Mecca. Hot or cold, open faced or smashed in a Panini maker, Toast basically has it all. My gut is telling me portabella, fontina, arugula, and roasted tomato Panini is the choice, but cured salmon, watercress, pickled red onion, and lemon aioli similarly looks like my jam. Decisions, decisions.

Taylor Gourmet Washington, D.C.
I understand we are getting dangerously close to cheesy television shows when I tell you I want to try a breakfast sandwich called Arlington Avenue that is loaded with bacon, sausage, hash browns (!), eggs, American cheese (!!), and Beer Cheese sauce (um, what?). But, bear with me. I want this sandwich from Taylor Gourmet mostly for the nap that will surely follow. I told you that I hadn’t strayed too far from my American cheese roots.

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