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Le Creuset’s Picnic Picks

Le Creuset’s Picnic Picks
Photo Courtesy of Le Creuset

It’s the time of year for al fresco dining. In honor of nights under the stars, Le Creuset partnered with us to bring you stylish picnic recommendations.

From Kitchen to Basket

Photo by Andrew Cebulka
MOUSSE AU CITRON (Lemon Mousse) Photo by Andrew Cebulka

Mini Cocottes

Both decorative and useful, eat your picnic side dishes directly from this container. Good for antipasto and tapenade as well as dips and desserts, this is a lovely dish for a Lemon Mousse or Buttermilk Panna Cotta. The stoneware helps keep chilled food cool to preserve your delicate dishes.


This sleek, stoneware dish lets you go from oven to table in style. Fill the terrine with a homemade poundcakepimento cheese or paté for a portable delicacy.

On the Table

Cheese Platter

This is a picnic no-brainer. A good cheese plate is a crowd pleaser, especially in the fresh outdoors. Have fun filling the platter with Rabbit Rillettes, Labneh and goat cheese. Add some crunch to your cheese platter with some Lavash and Cheese Straws.

Three-Tier Stand

This elegant, easy-to-carry stand is a show-stopper, especially when filled with little beauties like Ricotta Bruschetta, Pecan Pie Squares, and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.


Designed to keep beverages chilled while on the go, this carafe is perfect for your favorite bottle of wine as well as Sweet Tea, Watermelon Aqua Fresca, or even a Peach Vanilla Bean Sangria.

Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock
Bruschetta with English Peas / Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock

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