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Light A Fire In Your Belly

Photo by Angie Moser

Fire in My Belly – A New Cookbook by Kevin Gillespie

Kevin Gillespie is a very busy man these days. He has too many accolades to list, among them are being one of’s “Top Five Rising Chefs” and the fan favorite from Bravo channel’s Top Chef (season six). When you meet him, it is clear why he was voted fan favorite. His manner is kind and warm. He is sincere, focused, and enthusiastic about all of his culinary endeavors. He is preparing to open a new restaurant in Atlanta called Gun Show while also debuting “The Bacon Show” on the Tasted channel.

Charleston was the lucky first stop of on Chef Gillespie’s current book tour promoting his new cookbook, “Fire in my Belly: Real Cooking”. The book is a playful mix of information, meant to educate the reader about regional cooking and sustainability, mouthwatering photography, intended to make you drool (we assume), and recipes, in the theme of, what Chef Gillespie calls, “high-minded comfort food.”

Kevin is a self-proclaimed cookbook junkie. After reading an endless number of books by others, he felt he had something to contribute to the home cook canon. If you want to learn how to cook, “Fire in my Belly” contains Kevin’s hard-won chef knowledge and the inspiration to help you get to his level. There is a chapter to pique the curiosity of each kind of cook from “Food You Thought You Hated” to “When I Want to Eat Healthy” to “My Version of Southern Food” and— the most fun of them all—“Junk Food”.

One of the pervasive goals throughout the book is a challenge to the concept that cooking from scratch is always difficult and time consuming. For example, included in the book is a recipe for a chicken potpie, which takes less time to prepare than it does to bake a frozen, pre-made potpie. The recipe is timesaving, tastier, and healthy—what more could we want!

Chef Gillespie maintains that if you read his book and prepare his recipes, you will not only become better cook but you will become equipped to break free from recipes altogether. His ultimate goal is for his readers to be able to work from their own palette of ingredients and find their own cooking inspiration. He wants us all to share his passion for being in the kitchen, and to cook out of desire rather than necessity. To light a fire in our bellies for food, whether that be making it or eating it, Chef Gillespie has shared a recipe from his book.

Photo by Angie Mosier

Coca-Cola Braised Pot Roast
from Chef Kevin Gillespie’s new book, A Fire in My Belly




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