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Logging Another Crawfish Boil

Logging Another Crawfish Boil
Photos by Denny Culbert


As a Louisiana girl, any time I hear about crawfish being served in the Lowcountry, I always do my best to get in on the action and hopefully get a little taste of home. Recently, I got my wish when Home Team BBQ hosted its 5th annual All Americana Crawfish Boil, where they served more than 240 pounds of Louisiana seafood goodness.

Ayeeeee! They were good y’all!

A tantalizing aroma of Cajun spices filled the air, making everyone’s mouth water as we waited for the next hot batch to come out of the pot. Patrons spent the afternoon sipping on Sweetwater Brewing Company brews and Gamechanger cocktails while listening to Gaslight Group and Burning Angels jam out on the stage.

There were also special raffles to win great items such as Bonnaroo VIP tickets, a Sweetwater Brewing Company tour combined with Atlanta Braves baseball tickets, and First Flush Festival (at Charleston Tea Planation) tickets. All proceeds went towards Charleston Waterkeeper, whose mission is to protect the public’s right to clean water (by identifying and addressing water pollution issues in the Charleston Harbor Watershed).

The crawfish were seasoned to spicy perfection—just the way we bayou folk like it. Even though this goes against all Cajun cooking rules, the boilers finished off the mudbugs with a healthy drizzle of their very own Red Hot BBQ Sauce. I must admit they were incredibly delicious (just don’t tell my relatives).

My Cajun appetite is satisfied for now, but it’s only a matter of time before I get my next craving!


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