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Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh
Text by Alexandra Proie / Photos by Andrew Cebulka and courtesy of Ruth's Chris Steak House

Wanting to freshen up your cocktail recipes for summer?  Helen Mackey, the Senior Director of Menu Strategy at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, gave us a few hints on how to spice up your libations at your next summer gathering. Her favorite summer ingredient is mint and she gave us her best ideas and tips on how to incorporate it in order to maximize the minty flavor and aroma that we all love so much.

She tries to always use the freshest, most vibrant mint available in different varieties and flavors – “it’s an amazingly diverse ingredient when used properly”, she says. In cocktails, it is great with fresh fruits or sugar – a layer of muddled mint lightly highlights sweet strawberries or acidic pineapple. But be wary not to over muddle your mint. Helen says, “the goal is to release oils from the mint into the cocktail, infusing flavor”. To know if you have reached a good level of muddling, give it the old-fashioned sniff test and smell the mint permeating the air. If you are making a fruit and mint cocktail, you can also shake the mint with fruit to release some of the oils.

If you want to incorporate the ingredient into food, try it with dessert! Add some vibrancy to chocolate cake or add an herbal note to fresh seasonal berries with sweet cream.

So when should you serve these minty delights? “Juleps and mojitos are the perfect cocktails for impressing guests whether attending an event at Ruth’s Chris or throwing a soiree at home,” says Mackey, “They are not only beautiful in presentation but also interactive – allowing for guests to watch and learn.” Exactly what we like here at TLP! Food, drinks, entertainment – all in one!

This season at Ruth’s Chris Steak Houses they are serving up delicious, mint-spired cocktails. They shared the ingredients for their cocktails with us, so enjoy making your own delicious variations.


Photo courtesy of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse  




Blueberry Mojito

Bacardi Silver Rum, Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice, Muddled Blueberries, Fresh Mint Leaves.







Photo courtesy of Ruth's Chris Steak House



Sparkling Pear Julep

Absolut Citron Vodka, Hangar One Spiced Pear Vodka, Muddled Mint Leaves, Topped with Piper Sonoma Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine, Crushed Ice.





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