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Nachos on the Brain

It’s not often that you hear us utter that phrase, but some questions about football-playoffs-watching snacks got us to thinking about that pile of chips with coagulating cheese and gloppy salsa we’ve seen on one too many coffee tables. Should we shun all versions of the bar snack based on our aversion to those?

Photo courtesy of Central BBQ
Photo courtesy of Central BBQ

With nachos on the brain, we realized that we have had some stellar examples in the South. Long live the combo of cheese and tortilla chips—as in anything else, quality ingredients, creativity, and expert execution make the difference.

Here are some favorites

Full order of BBQ Pork Nachos
Central BBQ / Memphis, TN / Although there are half and full options and a choice of chicken, beef, pork or a combo, we say there really is only one way to go.

Totally ROSSome Nachos
Texas Rangers Stadium / Dallas, TX / We don’t just eat, we sometimes like baseball and especially eating while watching baseball, particularly if it’s nachos with shredded beef and topped with, among other things, Nacho Cheese Doritos, and named after pitcher Robbie Ross.

Blackened Tuna Signature Nachos
Rita’s Seaside Grill / Folly Beach, SC / Spicy, sweet, and somehow addictive, don’t assume that you’ll want to share this with the table. It might be just the right lunch after a morning on the beach, especially with a crisp beer on the side.


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