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Cool Down with Semifreddo

Cool Down with Semifreddo
Photo by Callie Cranford

It’s the height of summer. The days are so hot and humid, you can barely go outside after 9am. The air conditioner seems like it might give up any second. Nothing sounds better than eating a big bowl of ice cream. But, a trip to the grocery store – driving a car that feels like an oven, trekking over the parking lot desert – might as well be a trip to the Sahara, and you never got around to buying that ice cream maker online. How will you get your cool, sweet relief?

Never fear! We’ve got you covered. There are plenty of different frozen desserts that can be made with just a bit of elbow grease and your kitchen freezer. One of our favorites is a semifreddo, an Italian dessert that combines a zabaglione, meringue and whipped cream to create a creamy, decadent frozen treat. Best of all: no ice cream maker required! We topped ours with a toasted pecan croquant to add a bit of crunch, though it would be just as cool, sweet, and refreshing without it.

Coffee Semifreddo with Salted Pecan Croquant
from The Local Palate Test Kitchen in Charleston, South Carolina

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