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No Lasso Needed

No Lasso Needed


It might be better if I could admit to having “a thing” for dainty tea sandwiches or sorbet, but here’s the truth: I love pork rinds.

Although I do get a bit shifty-eyed when purchasing an occasional bag at the convenience store, when I am lucky enough to have them served to me at some of the finest establishments in the South, well, I can eat with abandon. Crispy pillows of fried pork skin are a guilty pleasure, the Southern equivalent of the Southeast Asian “shrimp chip.” Plus it’s a hot item (bad pun intended) for many a bar snack menu of the moment.

Here is my
unabashed list of four faves:

  1. “Everything bagel” / Warehouse / Charleston, SC / Pork Rinds with Smoked Salmon and Charred Spring Onion Dip—These tasty, seasoned rinds are a vehicle for eating every bit of the dip and not sharing (Oh wait. Were we sharing this?)
  2. BBQ Pork Rinds / Black Sheep / Jacksonville, FL
    Served with a wedge of lime. Genius. You dream of the beach when you dream of Jacksonville? I dream of these.
  3. Five Spiced Fried Pork Rinds / The Arsenal/Bluejacket / Washington, DC
    Fried to order and with the perfect spice to accompany Bluejacket’s wide selection of beers.
  4. Kettle-fried Skins / Scott BBQ / Hemingway, SC
    Mr. Scott doesn’t call them rinds (that’s a term reserved for fruit, he explains) but it doesn’t matter the name. They are heaven when served atop one of the best barbecue plates in the country.